One-Two Punch!

It’s time to do an update! Didn’t I just do one of these… back in… Oh dear. Time’s just shot right by. I know I look like a slacker and that I’ve given up, but I’ve been writing a lot, and working as a content writer for Drewlo Holdings. So if you see anything longer than a paragraph on their website, it was written by yours truly! I wouldn’t go looking for my work, though. It doesn’t exactly sizzle on the page, but it’s nice to be paid to write fanciful descriptions of inexpensive apartment buildings.

Exciting news though, I have a new short story out at Defenestration, which you can find here:

And in other news, the charming and friendly Cherry-Hill Press is publishing a book of dream narratives, and I was lucky enough to have a story published in “Dreamscapes,” so click this link if you’d like to buy a copy! Minor disclaimer: I haven’t read the whole thing yet. But it’s been fascinating so far.

Although I haven’t been publishing very much, I’ve been writing a lot these days. From short stories, to screenplays, to song lyrics I hope to put to a melody once I can bash something tolerable out of my fifty-dollar keyboard I bought on a classified ad website. So feel free to look around the site to see my previous work, and here’s to more stories coming out soon! Well, soon-ish.



September 21st 2019

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