New Book and Old Free Book

My First book is free for the next two weeks as an eBook on a bunch of online stores:

Here on Apple Books. Yay!

Also on Kobo. Neat.

And on Barnes and Noble! Look mum! A fancy English bookstore! Does that mean I made it?

And a second book is half-written. I think it’s quite good. It’s a novel/short story collection (yes, it can be both at once.) about people’s encounters with monsters. Showing the human side of monsters. What they do when they’re lonely. Or when they’re demeaned by dumbass college guys. Or if they’re so desperate to escape hell and steal a few hours on Earth that the deceased members of The How have to go back on tour with their cranky lead-singer, Robert Stamp, as ghosts. Latheck the Social Justice Barbarian has a new adventure. Medusa works from home. A tech-billionaire soul-bonds with an algorithm he created and it’s disturbing. Cupid gives up on love and goes into banking.

You’ll find this and more in Unquestionably Monstrous. Eighteen(ish) tales of monsters, horror, madness, and romance. Something for everybody. Tell everyone you know about it. You can buy my old book here if you haven’t read it, and you can find me on Instagram, @alex_colvin_, if you so wish.

Take care and stay safe. Alex.

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