About Alex

Alex Colvin was born in London Ontario in 1991. He’s been writing since he was a little tyke; crafting his first book, Squirrel Man VS the Terror Turtles, at age 9. Sadly, that particular volume has been lost and Alex will never ever search for it. Alex’s other childhood writing project was a comic-book series called Puncher which was sadly inspired by 90’s comic book tropes, including graphic violence, bulky leather coats, and characters with itty-bitty feet.
Older and wiser, Alex managed an M.A. in English lit, and his writing has improved dramatically. He plans to (eventually) release a collection of short stories, and in the meantime he is publishing his various short stories in anthologies and in online magazines.

Alex was born in Southern Ontario and did a stint in Newfoundland where he tried to make a living as a professional writer and nearly starved to death. His current whereabouts are a closely guarded secret.

Dying to know more about Alex? Well, he was interviewed awhile back for an anthology he was in, and you can read the interview here!