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My Latest Collection is Free this Weekend!

The Intellectual Barbarian: A Collection of Humourous Short Stories – Kindle edition by Colvin, Alex. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ My short story collection, The Intellectual Barbarian, is free this weekend! Enjoy 20 hilarious, offensive, vulgar, amusing, and unsettling stories for the price of… nothing. Complements of the house.

The Dirty Pool

There are too few humour magazines out there. They tend to die off quickly, or they’re shams that barely publish anything while raking in submission fees, or they are quite simply not very funny. I’m working on staring an online magazine that can hopefully defy these problems, and it can be found here: Here’s hoping!

The Facelift

So for anyone who was following my blog previously, you’ll know that I haven’t written anything in ages and completely abandoned the project to write about life on the East Coast. I certainly was hoping I’d power through and write the whole time I was there, but there was less and less to write about the longer I was there. The thrill wore off, the oddities and eccentricities of the places just became normal, and work cooled off while writing started going quite well. So I didn’t have a lot… Read more The Facelift