Alex Colvin’s Debut Collection

Alex’s debut short story collection, The Intellectual Barbarian, is available here!

A Barbarian of Social Justice who is determined to destroy hegemony. An alien-erotica writer, haunted by a ghost who is horrified by what she’s been working on. Axe-murderers fighting over who gets to hunt the horny teenagers who plague the gorge on the edge of town. You will find all of this and more in The Intellectual Barbarian: a collection of twenty hilarious short stories that poke fun at everything from academia to bodybuilding, suburbia, fan-fiction, internet conspiracies, and rock and roll. Also, Nickelback. Prepare to dive into extraordinary worlds of Christmas magic, ancient barbarian warlords, over-the-hill rock bands, and the untamed wilderness for stories that promise you lots of laughter and wild adventures. Prepare yourself for an irreverent and imaginative experience like no other, with lots of silliness and absurd humour along the way.

“Hilarity at its best. Colvin combines clever premises with sharp-witted humour for maximum satirical impact. Here is a risqué collection of stories constantly crossing the line so we can laugh at our own limits.” Collin Glavac, Author of Ghosts of Guatemala.

“Meet Alex Colvin, the soon-to-be-cancelled author. His biting wit and satire leaves no subject, no matter how sacred, taboo, or poetically correct, untouched. This means his collection of short stories is quite frankly, fantastic. Read it when you have the chance.” Dr. Brent Brenyo, PhD.