Unquestionably Monstrous

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“This book is really fun. All the stories are connected, but each one is a different monster story. This is a great collection of short stories and is perfect for #shortstoryseptember… My personal favorites are the stories “I Hate Instant Mashed Potatoes” and “Matchmaker”. However, there is not one bad story in the bunch.” Katy the Sleepy Reader, Goodreads.com.

“I found some of the stories funny. I think it was well written. Of course, the stories end with you wondering what happens, but that is what short stories are about. This is a very fast read and I recommend it to anyone wanting to read about some funny and strange occurrences with the supernatural.” Linda McGuire, Goodreads.com.

Monsters are everywhere. From gruesome serial killers to mysterious mermaids and unstoppable, ruthless werewolf warriors. But monsters also need love. Monsters go through lousy break-ups. All Medusa wants in the world is to work from home. Cupid needs to pay rent and takes a job at an appliance store to make ends meet. A vampire gets lonely and lures Instagram influencers into her castle. Sometimes, she eats them. Being a monster is hard.

Unquestionably Monstrous is a collection of 17 short stories that explore the life and times of succubus, dragons, mermaids, vampires, leprechauns, and many more supernatural creatures. Prepare to see the soft (or at least less murderous) sides of monsters you thought you knew.

Book club questions are included at the end of the collection.