Introducing Alex Colvin

Hi. Thanks for clicking. Clicks mean a lot in this day and age. Clicks are the heartbeat of the internet and the means to influence algorithms. By clicking onto my site, you are pulling me a little bit closer to the surface of the web, where other readers might also find me. So if nothing else, ever again, thank you for your click. But here’s the real question; what will your click, your curiosity, reward?

That depends how long we stick together. You see, Alex Colvin is a Canadian writer. Mostly short stories. A few articles on the web here and there. He is in a few anthologies and has published a book of his own short stories. A second book is forthcoming. He is following the footsteps of many great, snarky Canadian writers. Mordecai Richler. Rick Mercer. Paul Wells. To name a few. Alex Colvin seeks the throne. Perhaps he is merely a pretender. But this newsletter/blog will be his proving ground. A place, a nook of the internet, to write, for you. So what do you say, mon ami? Would you like to journey through the world with me, one word at a time? Would you like to read news and opinion pieces about Canada, climate change, housing, justice, art, culture, and obituaries to some extraordinary people (once they croak)?

Alright! Then let’s do this. But the first thing I suppose I should tell you about before we get started, is me. My name is Alex Colvin. I am thirty years old. I live in Ontario, Canada. My wife and I share a lovely apartment with a tree growing right outside our living room window. It’s like living in a treehouse. I love to write. It is my single favorite way to spend my time, and I do my utmost to do it well. I write thoughtfully, with energy, and I do my best to amuse.

To those of you still reading, you have my thanks. If you want to keep up with my writing and news/opinions on our climate, culture, and Canada, feel free to subscribe below:

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