Alex Colvin

The Canadian Humour Writer


‘Blackout.’ Things That Go Bump: A Collective Work. Sez Publishing. December 2019. Print. Buy it here!

‘Pretend not to hear the lambs.’ Dreamscapes: An Anthology. Cherry-House Press. July 2019. Print. Buy it here!

‘An Update from your Favourite Ultra-Successful Realtor’ Defenestration Magazine. May 2019.

‘Latheck: The Social Justice Barbarian’ Jokes Review. July 2018

‘Appropriate Flirting in the Workplace’ The Drabble. February 2018.

‘You Want Him Deader’ 50-Word Stories. February 2018.

‘Kids on the Bayou’ The Dirty Pool. October 2017

‘Terms of Engagement’ The Drabble. September 2017

‘Wrath of the Buttery Bastard-Taters’ MASHED: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror. Gravante Press. April 2017. Print. Buy it here!

‘The Suburban Vision Quest’ Literally Stories. March 2017.

 ‘A Friendly E-mail to My Successor’ Defenestration Magazine. February 2017

‘Angus and the Crumbling Tower’ The Sleep Aquarium. January 2017

‘Not All Spies are Good’ The Flash Fiction Press. November 2016

‘The Flexible Rules of Anthropology’ Literally Stories. November 2016.

‘Bulletproof’ Clever Magazine. May 2016.

‘VonWar: A Story of Classic Rock’ Hobo Pancakes. December 2013.

‘LIFT IT BRO!!’ Story Shack Magazine. 2020? (forthcoming)
‘Crackles the Christmas Pinecone’ War on Christmas. ChiZine Publications. January 2020. (Forthcoming.)
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