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Latheck the Climate Change Barbarian

I wrote an unexpectedly popular post a little while ago where I vented about the success of my most famous creation, Latheck the Barbarian. In said post, I explored my complicated relationship with Latheck's first story, and mentioned that Latheck was gearing up for a second outing in my latest book, newly reimagined as a… Continue reading Latheck the Climate Change Barbarian

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The Long and Fraught Road to COP27

The 27th annual United Nations Climate Change Conference is upon us! Usually shorthanded to COP (long story), and individual COPs get a number. So there's COP1, COP2, COP15, COP21, et cetera. This November is COP27. An event where world leaders, business leaders, legislators, lobbyists, celebrities, finance hawks, non-profits, activists, and an army of corporate representatives… Continue reading The Long and Fraught Road to COP27

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Do you Want to go to the Moon?

Before I talk to someone I've just met about climate change, I like to first ask, "Do you want to go to the moon?" I mean, going to the moon might be kind of cool. If someone built a moon colony that had food, toilets, breathable air, water, and internet, I'd consider it. (Internet? Really?… Continue reading Do you Want to go to the Moon?

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The Ancient, Rediscovered art of Scenario Planning

Scenario planning is my favorite thing I learned about in a Master of Climate Change (MCC) program at the University of Waterloo. Hands down. I learned about it in an Adaptation class, shortly after deciding I was on 'team mitigation' in the 'Team Edward' vs 'Team Jacob' sort of debate that engulfs graduate students studying… Continue reading The Ancient, Rediscovered art of Scenario Planning