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Florida: A Discussion on Managed Retreat

"You know, you guys should be really worried about climate change" Pete Townshend, guitarist of British rock band 'The Who' told an audience of thousands at a Who, concert in Tampa, Florida, in 2019. If I'd been in the crowd, I'd have bellowed, "NO SHIT!" right back to him. Not the most elevated language, to… Continue reading Florida: A Discussion on Managed Retreat

climate change

Cynicism is Cheap and Boring

I used to admire the work of Jim-Stephanie Sterling, a video game critic/journalist who was notable for being fiercely independent, who loathed having a corporate parent trying to influence their work in any way, and who ultimately went solo on YouTube to cover the topics they cared most about. However, over the years, I've gotten… Continue reading Cynicism is Cheap and Boring


Hollywood and Climate Change (Part 2): A Strained Relationship

After a very awkward and breathtakingly stupid first date between Hollywood and Climate Change with The Day After Tomorrow, future dates were arranged because the first one technically went well for... um... investors. But investors pay for every date, so a second, third, and fourth date were all foreseeable as long as the money kept… Continue reading Hollywood and Climate Change (Part 2): A Strained Relationship

climate change

Climate Change: A Chemistry Problem

Paul Krugman, an economist at the New York Times, wrote an article on climate change this week, in which he profusely apologized several times for oversimplifying the problem of climate change. His article was a compelling read that explored the corporate understanding of climate risk and compared it to the very real and growing risks… Continue reading Climate Change: A Chemistry Problem

climate change

Don’t set your Watch by the Doomsday Clock

The Doomsday Clock, a global symbol of the potential demise of humanity, stayed at 100 seconds to midnight, the same time originally set in 2020, to mark the beginning of 2022. To which I say, "Do I feel like soup or a sandwich for lunch today?" Because the Doomsday Clock can safely be ignored. It… Continue reading Don’t set your Watch by the Doomsday Clock